CEO Rail Pardaz System selected as the top rail executives

With the appointment of CEO Rail Pardaz System as top executives in the field of repair and reconstruction of railway transportation in a joint session of the quality and development of transport, building and urban came other honors for Rail Pardaz Systems.

The five-star inaugurate of the train project Fadak

For the purpose of development of passenger services, increase capacity and improve the quality of rail fleet Fadak project in 20 December 2015 by Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development Mr. Akhoundi and Mr. Rezai, Managing Director of the Kosar Finance and Credit and Mr.Aghaei director managing of Railways of the Islamic Republic Iran and director managing of Rail Pardaz System was opened. Today is officially a five-star ROM of Fadak train Rail Pardaz System company has been added to the fleet and began to serve rail passengers.

Rail 10th international exhibition and conference in the Middle East in Dubai

Rail Pardaz System company to the horizon prospect of turning the leading premium brand in the rail industry in the region and the Middle East on 8 and 9 March 2016, the 10th international exhibition and conference on Middle East Rail has been offered its products in the field of maintenance, production and refurbishment of the rail fleet of domestic and international visitors and companies to attended in the company's booth and invites the future cooperation.

Top business show at Internation Exhibition

The Seventeenth international exhibition industry, transport and industry and related services Roads and Urban Development Minister and Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade and with organizations, institutions and dozens of domestic and foreign companies at the beginning of the Tehran International Permanent Fairground was start. The Seventeenth international exhibition of transport and related services industries, a variety of industries and services sector rail passenger urban, suburban and time, all kinds of cars, cars, propulsion, generating carriages, wagons maneuver, electric and diesel locomotives, consumable parts cars, buses, cars, rail transport services, companies offering after-sales service, maintenance services and insurance services is has been showed.

The 17th holding International Conference of rail transport Iran

Rail Pardaz System company to wards its goals and vision hub desighned and engineering service in rail industry of Iran in November 2015 for two days participation in 17th holding international conferene to familiar customers and visitors with internal and external capabilities present you in booth Rail Pardaz System make us proud.